Man Dressed As A Woman For 7 Long Yrs

The Reason Why This Man Dressed as Woman for 7 Years Will Shock You!

Rajesh Ghisulal Mehta (44), who lives in Gangadham Chowk in Bibwewadi and is a small-time real estate builder by profession, was having an affair with his friend’s wife for seven years. He used to visit his friend’s house in a nightgown and dupatta so that anyone who sees him doesn’t doubt his intentions.

Rajesh used to make the husband unconscious every time by making him smell a rag of cloth, soaked with chloroform, if he is present in the house but the last time he tried to do that, he was caught by the husband. Both had a good fight and Rajesh left, warning the husband of dire consequences if he took any action against him.

The husband who is a utensils trader told TOI,

“Recently, I came to know from our security guard that Mehta often visited our home in my absence. I then found out about the affair between my wife and friend, which had been going on for seven years whenever I was out of town. I warned Mehta never to come back to my house.”

On January 4, 2017, Rajesh again visited the house of his girlfriend and when he found that his friend was sleeping, he tried to keep a rag of cloth soaked with chloroform on his nose; just then, the husband woke up and caught him. When the mask was removed, husband got to know that it was Rajesh and he made a complaint in the police station after 3 days of the incident.

Sub-inspector Sanjay Gaikwad, who is the investigating officer of the case, said,

“The complainant was treated and on Saturday, he gave a statement before police. Over the description, we filed an FIR against Mehta and arrested him. We have seized the rag and torn gown as well as the car used during the crime. We will try to find out what chemical was used to make the complainant unconscious. Though the accused reportedly visited the house often in the husband’s absence, we are exploring if he had a specific motive on that day, and also looking at whether this modus operandi was used before.”

The husband’s lawyer, ND Patil, said,

“The nature of the crime is very serious, so we have requested maximum police custody for the accused. It is needed to unearth the conspiracy. It could have been an attempt to kill the complainant. It appears that everything was preplanned. We will assist the police and prosecution and will try to apply IPC Section 307 (attempt to murder) against the accused”.

However, Rajesh’s lawyer Amol Dange has a totally different story to tell. In his words,

“None of these events took place. This is a false case, so there is no need for police custody of my client.”

However, Rajesh is presently under the police custody.

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