4 Weird Things You Should Know About Starbucks!

Learn couple of inside tricks from the former employee

Those who are lucky to have this coffee house in their hometown for sure start the day by heading for a nice hot large portion of favorite coffee. The atmosphere and the floating clouds of spices and aromas are making this place sort of magical. However, not everything is so fairy tale like as you may believe. The former employee tells the tricks on how to get more for the same price and reveals how the employees actually rip off the customers, just a bit…

1.Ask for light ice, when you order iced drinks. If you don’t wish to pay for the ice, order it light so you can actually enjoy the drink and not the water.

2. Save money on the drink by ordering it in the large cups. Sounds strange? Just try to order grande latte served in the venti cup. By paying less you will actually receive a larger amount of your drink. In reality majority of baristas will not care and put a lot of steamed milk to fill the big cup until the top.

3. Baristas don’t underfill the lattes intentionally and they are by no means asked to do it. If you remember, the coffee house was sued for underfilling the lattes. However the company did win it, as baristas explained that nobody tells them to underfill. Actually if your beverage doesn’t look fancy enough or sucks in taste, maybe the problem is you? Were you rude or impolite?

4. Starbucks donates the unsold food. Many people are wondering what happens with all of those pastries and sweets when the day is over?. Starbucks revealed its plan to donate all the food to the homeless. And while many think it is all fake, former employee admits it is true indeed. They pack the food and various organizations taking care of homeless pick it up.